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Soles On Earth - Zingaia


Find Yourself in the Rhythm - Let go into the sacred groove as Zingaia's world trance-dance music empowers you to find your own dance of life. Sensual African, Middle-Eastern and Indian rhythms, ecstatic global instruments and exotic voices come together in an irresistibly cool techno-tribal sound that will get your your feet moving and your spirit soaring. Musical masterminds
Michael and Katlyn have returned with an earthy, invigorating world groove tour-de-force. By combining ethnic instruments and voices with modern dance beats Zingaia has defined the leading edge of the global trance-dance sound. Put your body in motion and free your soul!

Winner of COVR Visionary Award-Best World Album of 2005

For Sample Tracks go to:  Sequoia Records

What people are saying about Soles on Earth:

'An adventurous mosaic of multi-cultural rhythms, tribal influences and contemporary electronic elements, SOLES ON EARTH proves that worldbeat duo Zingaia (Michael and Katlyn) is still as inspired as ever. This powerful album of trance-dance grooves darts all over the globe, incorporating sounds from Africa, India, the Middle East and plenty of other exotic locales into a swirling synthesis of cultural colors and driving beats. Included are percussive textures, flutes, vocal samples, nature/jungle sounds and ethnic instruments wrapped in a blanket of synthesizer ambience and keyboard effects. The title SOLES ON EARTH appears to be an allusion to dancing, an activity that this album is very well suited for.'
- Music Design In Review

'SOLES ON EARTH totally rocks! Trance-dance / world beat music at its finest. If someone can't groove to this CD, I would suggest they check their pulse! Every time I put it on I can't stop moving.'
- Music Design In Review

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