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Incense Articles

Information and articles on Incense


Enfleurage an Esoteric and Ancient Art

The Inspiration for Moon Pool

Botanical Conservation

Agarwood - The Hidden History of Scented Wood

Proven Effects of Frankincense

House Blessing with Incense

Trance and Dreaming Incense

Purification and Smudging

Blue Lotus of the Nile: The Narcotic Lily

Palo Santo: Its Uses and Benefits

Sacred Aloeswood

Camphor Lamp - (Aarti)

Ceremonial Uses of Incense

Sacred Nights, Smudging Nights, and Incense

Incense Workshop 2014 by Katlyn

The Mystery of Oman Frankincense

Japanese Incense

Divination with Incense

Incense in Art and Poetry

Yincense - What Is It?

Chinese "Goose Pear Tent" Incense

Massoia Bark

Onycha by Be en Foret