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Purification and Smudging


May the air clear my mind
May the water open my heart
May the earth support and nurture my body


the the fire purify my spirit
And the smokecarry
my prayers….


To do a smudging ceremony, burn the clippings of these herbs (dried), rub your hands in the smoke, and then gather the smoke and bring it into
yourbodyor rub it onto yourself, especially onto any area you feel needs spiritual healing. Keep praying all the while that the unseen powers of the plant will cleanse your spirit. Sometimes one person will smudge another, or a group of people, using hands or more often a feather or fan to lightly brush the smoke over the other person(s). 

We were taught to look for dark spots in a person'sspiritbody. As one California Indian woman told us, she "sees" a person's spiritbody glowing around them, and where there are "dark or foggy parts", she brushes the smoke into these "holes in their spiritbody
". This helps to heal the spirit and to "close up" these holes. 

Smudging is a ceremony that must be done with care. We are entering into a relationship with the unseen powers of these plants and with the spirits of the ceremony; and, as with all good relationships, there have to be respect and honor if the relationship is to work.


It is a wonderful idea to Cense your home often. Light your incense as above and simply carry your censer from room to room. Focus on the energy you want it to contain. Banish negativity and blockage, banish worry and stress. Invite in peace, harmony and joy. Soon your dwelling will acquire a lasting sacred scent for the burning of resins creates a lingering perfume that builds over time.