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Beneath the Veil - Zingaia


"Enter now a secret chamber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where God and Goddess join in the Divine Dance, ancient rhythms draw you in, Beneath the Veil, where the sensuous
and the sacred, the Spirit and the Body unite.
Awaken the Sacred Fire, come Beneath the Veil."


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What people are saying about Beneath the Veil:

'A blend of exquisite music, song, and spoken invocation, evoking the power of women and goddesses. "Beneath the Veil" celebrates the body, the senses, and all the earthy pleasures of erotic satisfaction. You'll soon lose yourself in the sweeping rhythms and throaty vocals. Most of the tracks run long, averaging eight minutes, which makes for a smoother experience if you want to use this material for more than easy listening. My favorites include "Invocation" ( with lines like "be the key, open me"), "Sirens of the Moonlit Tide" (with "I am the Evening Star, rising from the twilight sea"), and "Veil of Inanna" (with "The Ruby altar awaits my Love, the boat of heaven is filled with joy"). T his music has a definite Middle Eastern sound, with sensual drumming and shimmering synthesizer effects. This recording makes an ideal soundtrack sacred dance, or for rituals devoted to any of the featured goddesses. Awaken the Divine Feminine within yourself and come explore the wonders that await "Beneath the Veil".'
- Elizabeth Barrette, Autumn Sage Woman

'I LOVED both this and DANCERS OF TWILIGHT. Please tell me that Zingaia will create another album!'
- Heather

'Beneath the Veil broils with the passionate sexuality of the Goddess...Eastern percussion, galaxies of space music and seductive female vocals...this feast for the ears took me on many exotic and sultry adventures.'
- CW, New Age Voice

'This eminently danceable, exotically sensuous album is unlike anything you've heard.... a deliciously delightful romp through a garden of Tantric Goddess consciousness. Chants, invocations and songs weave their enchanting, mysterious magic as we are gently drawn beneath the veil of Goddesses of love and life. Here is where "the sensuous and the Sacred, the Spirit and the body unite." Strongly percussive melodies lovingly entice the listener to reveal the secret passions of the heart, making Beneath the Veil particularly suited for lovers of all kinds. For the romantic and Tantric at heart, Beneath the Veil is a rare gift.'
- New Age Retailer

'An album of music for "sacred lovers" where each track is a call to the Eternal Divine Feminine.... as Western sounds mix with Far Eastern melodies and rhythms. It's the eroticism of "Veil of Inanna" (based on the myth of the Dance of the Seven Veils) that lifts this album. You can smell the incense, heat and passion as she dances for the release of her lover.... full of lust of a more basic nature. Above all, this is a very personal album... worth looking into by those with an open, inquiring mind.'
- Wind and Wire

'An excellent tantric accompaniment... swaying and rhythmic sounds of drums, voice and enchantment. Enter a secret chamber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where the Goddess and God join in the Divine Dance. Ancient rhythms draw you in, where the sensuous and the sacred, the spirit and the body unite. Awaken the sacred fire: Come Beneath the Veil.'
- The Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women's Mysteries

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