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Myrrh Suhul - Commiphora Myrrha -2oz

This is some of the most fragrant Myrrh we have experienced in a long time...Direct from harvesters in  Somalia.

Sustainable, beautiful, Myrrh! Oil-laden, soft and rich in fragrance. Fresh and Unsurpassed Quality!

Though this is Commiphora Myrrha, it is not your everyday Myrrh, but "SUHUL" Myrrh. 

 From our friend Dan Riegler:

There are 2 grades of Myrrh collected in Somalia. Suhul, and Sarac. This is the rarer and sustainable "Suhul" Myrrh. It is a gift from the Myrrh trees and collected without tapping or stressing the tree. 

"Sarac" is the usual Myrrh resin which is collected after the trees have been tapped. Considering our ongoing loss of Frankincense and Myrrh trees around the world, it is especially important to support practices that are mindful of the trees and their health. 

Suhul Myrrh is completely sustainable and though it is more expensive than the regular Sarac Myrrh, I believe it is worth every penny and helps preserve the trees.


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