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Dragon's Blood - Daemonorops draco - 1 oz



This is fine Indonesian Dragon's Blood. We obtained it in whole unbroken balls and offer them whole and broken into into1 oz pieces.  Beautiful deep crimson, warmly fragrant, with notes of spice. Breaks easily into shining glassy bits (Dragon Glass:)  This is the Dragons Blood used for incense and not for making ink. 

Wonderful in all blends for purification,  protection, passion and will and the element of Fire. 

We love this resin and it has taken awhile to find it.

" The fruit of the tree is covered with scales. The resin seeps out between the scales, is collected, cleansed and then melted. Dragon's blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of their rituals."

"The name Dracaena comes from ancient Greek - δράκαινα (drakaina, or 'female dragon'). Makes a colorful and potent addition to incense formulas for a fiery spice note and also provides a great scent when heated alone that is evocative of ancient rituals and rites of protection and power."


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