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Copal Blanco (Oaxaca) - 2 oz. Fresh and Fragrant!


This is some of the finest Copal Blanco we have ever seen. Clean fresh, and so aromatic. It comes directly from those who harvest it in the traditional manner.


Copal Blanco is one of my all-time favorite incense resins, I am constantly searching for the best most sustainable copal and this year we have been blessed with copal of the truly highest quality. Pure white, healing and sacred, with a fragrance that inspires. 


This copal is of high-grade quality. Clean and pure with little to no tree residue or bark.

This copal is sustainable, pure, and unprocessed.  Used in ceremonies throughout the Americas for hundreds of years, it has been essential in not only for use in ceremonies, but also for medicinal uses.  




  "Copalli trees are prepared by making incisions on its trunk every other day or so.  A maguey leaf  is placed to allow the soft resin to fall on the leaf.  It continues to fall until the leaf becomes full and the resin slowly becomes hard.  The leaf is then removed.  The copal is harvested between August and October to be ready for late October-November for offerings on Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) as this is when copal is mostly used. Sustainability is important and is seen as a form of caring for what the copalli trees and our Earth gives to us.  There is a rotating system in which a set of trees are used to extract copal blanco for a period of 4 years while other trees rest for this same period.  After the four years have been completed, then the group of trees are rotated and another set is used for the extraction of the resin.  Only older mature trees are used in this process.  


It is believed that the smoke of the copal blanco purifies the person's energy, environment, and it is a way to communicate with those not present among us any longer.  The copal resin looks like tears when coming out of the cuts from the tree during the collection process. It is also an offering from the tree.  In ancient times, copal was burned at least twice a day; in the morning and evening as offerings to the sun.


 Copal, which is the unity of Earth and Water (tree and resin tears) when in contact with Fire (hot charcoal) completes the four elements with Air by creating smoke.  The Mexica (people of Mexico) have honored the unity of power of the elements of nature.  "


 - Maaeyra


This price is for 2 oz.  (a great price!) we have broken up the large hunks into censer-sized pieces for your convenience 




Traditional Dancers, doing the Copal blessing of the 4 directions here at the Temple near us in Nevada.


For handling and breaking up Copal Blanco resins: 

- Put resin into a small freezer baggie 

- Freeze it overnight

 - While in the baggie, hit with a hammer or mallet to break it into small pieces

 To clean sticky hands (at kitchen sink) 

- Put a splash of vegetable oil in your palm and rub it between your hands briskly 

- Then apply a liquid hand soap or dish soap to oiled hands 

- Rub until you do not feel the stickiness anymore - Rinse with Warm water

This is the best way I have found so far and is gentle on the hands:)


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