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Commiphora Ornifolia - Rare resin from Socotra

A must for all incense collectors!


This is a very special resin and a unique opportunity to try something that is rarely available.


Ornifolia Commiphora just arrived from Socotra.  We are excited to be able to offer this rare and hard-to-find resin. It is sweet and sticky and reminds me of a blend of Frankincense Serrata and Kua Myrrh, with “bakery” notes of spice, benzoin, and  “grain”.

Try Ornifolia on the heater blended with other resins. I recommend Oman Frankincense and a bit of Benzoin, perhaps add some grated nutmeg and cinnamon?


“This resin is not commercially harvested, but collected for local use in southern Yemen. To the best of our knowledge, the resin is a natural exudate that is collected without stressing the trees.

It is a unique find for those who appreciate the rare and unusual.

Commiphora Ornifolia resin comes to us from the island of Socotra via Yemen where it is used as an incense material and in traditional medicine.”


- Dan Riegler


“This rare form of myrrh is one of the more ancient medicinal plants of the region, historically selected for the unique properties that set it apart from its mainland relatives. This myrrh, while subtle dispenses a thick and fruity aroma that far surpasses similar specimens; for at the same time, it carries *almost silent* top notes that make this resin extremely powerful. While traditional myrrh may fill your room with scents of yore, this incense will alter your space with a deep and powerful quietness that will uplift and cleanse. Highly reminiscent of Indian guggul resins, this myrrh clearly represents a genetic stepping stone from African to Indian myrrhs, while still coming across as an absolutely unique resin in its own right.”


 - ResinaeBotanica


This price is for 1 oz wrapped in Waxed kraft paper in a black tin.

It is sticky, and if you have a problem breaking it up, simply pop it in the freezer for a while, and it will become easy to handle.

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