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Blue/Green Occulta Frankincense - 2 oz.


This is a Frankincense relatively new to the market, a must for collectors. The Hidden or Occult Frankincense was officially discovered in 2019 in the Ceel Ufeyn area of northern Somalia/Somaliland. Similar to Carterii, but with its own unique scent. The tears are varied in size and color.


"Boswellia occulta is a very different tree than its neighbours the B. carterii trees. Historically, Boswellia Occulta resin has always been mixed in with the local Frankincense Carterii and considered by locals to be the same tree. The name "Occulta comes from the Latin, Occultus which means "Hidden. Though this species has been present as long as any other Frankincense species and is an important commercial crop locally, it remained hidden from the view of botanists till recently. Hence the name-Occulta.


Not only do its simple leaves look different than most other Frankincense species, but Frankincense Occulta oleoresin has a chemical composition that is very different from that of all other known Frankincense species."


Thanks to Dan of Apothecary's Garden and JK of  Rising Phoenix


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