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Tea Garden - Paris & Osmanthus


I am so in love with this blend….A garden of delight


Months went into blending Tea Garden, I wanted to capture the aroma of my favorite Teas - Osmanthus and Paris. Both are delicious Florals with Carmel and a hint of smooth fruitiness creating a perfect spring bouquet.


Paris is a black tea blend from Harney and Sons - A tea that enchants the nose as well as the tongue.


“Mike Harney has enjoyed many a pot of tea in the famous Parisian tea shops. In homage to the city, he created what's become one of Harney & Sons' most popular and beloved blends worldwide. Paris is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors and a hint of lemony bergamot. The aroma is delightful!”


I have tried to re-create this heavenly scent in incense.


The original Paris Tea blend contains:


 - Black tea (I used a black tea essence)

 - Black Currant (I used the absolute)

 - Vanilla (my Vanilla tincture and CO2)

 - Carmel Flavor (I used Golden Benzoin)

 - Bergamot (I used the Essential oil)


I also added the elegant Absolute of Osmanthus Flowers, a sublime and valuable essence that graces fine teas as well as perfume—one of my very favorite fragrances.


These were blended in an incense base of Honey and Green Frankincense, Rhododendron Flowers dipped in Osmanthus Absolute, Kua Myrrh, and  Lawudo


On Osmantus:


“Osmanthus absolute is an expensive perfumery raw material but a well-loved one, nonetheless, due to its unique olfactory profile. Not a heady scent or one that announces itself rather it is an enveloping ingredient that brings a smile to one’s face. It sings of spring, happiness, and joy – its combination of ripe sun-kissed apricots, soft suede, and creamy floral notes is quite irresistible to the nose.


Osmanthus has a mouth-watering, honeyed, apricot-peachy top note, often used in perfumery to obtain a kind of floral fuzziness and a palpable softness akin to the skin of the velvety fruits.“


I hope you will enjoy this Spring incense as much as I did blending it.


This price is for a 2 oz jar  filled with Tea Garden Incense, topped with Dried Flower Petals


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