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Palo Santo Powdered Wood - Peru 2 oz.


This is lovely extra-fine sift Palo Santo powder from Peru - At an excellent price!

How to use Palo Santo powder:

Perfect for making your own cones or sticks or using as body powder.

As a Mosquito repellent - Burn as incense to keep off the mosquitoes. 

In Ceremony and To Purify the Home- Burn the wood as a smudge on charcoal or  powder wood can be used on the Golden Lotus Incense Heater 

On Mermade's Palo Santo:

We have been lucky enough to find some of the most extraordinary Palo Santo we have ever experienced. It is such a pleasure to share this sacred and beautiful aromatic gift with you. Like Frankincense, once you bring it into your life you will wonder how you did without it.

 Through the years Palo has been a mystery that has slowly revealed itself to us. It is one of those medicine plants that teaches you, and the its blessing is many faceted. It took many trials to find this wood and at last we can say with surety, it is the some of the very best. Even if you have tried other sources for Palo Santo before, try this one, it is special….

 Good Palo has an amazingly sweet scent….the sandalwood of the Americas. Plus it promotes and enhances healing, well being and all spiritual endeavors. It is a “use everyday” medicine and can be a great ally. 

Learn to use it daily . It’s scent is universal medicine, always agreeable , helpful, uplifting and cleansing

From Katlyn: We have in our home every kind of incense you can imagine, yet it is Palo Santo we burned everyday ...It always feels right for any time of day in any in any room in your house. Palo Santo is a tree with a strong spirit, always uplifting, healing and  "making sweet the world". 

About Palo Santo  “Holy Wood”

  - When Spanish monks discovered the wood and experienced its ability to cleanse and heal, they named the tree “palo santo,” which means “holy wood” or “the wood of the saints.” The scientific name of this tree that grows in the South American rainforest is bursera graveolens, or “a bag of oil” and the naturally aromatic wood from this truly unique tree is used as incense for energetic and healing purposes.

- There are male and female trees and their scents can vary in depth and richness. Palo santo trees grow in families of one male and eight females. The lifespan of an average female tree is 40-50 years, and its wood is yellow, solid and heavy. Male trees, on the other hand, can live up to 200 years and their wood is white, hollow, fragile and light.

 - Palo Santo trees should never be cut down for their wood. The tree must first die naturally and rest on the forest floor for at least three years before its wood can be harvested. Today, the ancient wisdom is confirmed by science, as studies show that oil extracted from felled trees does not possess all of the therapeutic qualities possessed by those that fell naturally.

 - Some say that an attraction to the aroma of Palo Santo is a sign of emotional and spiritual clarity.

-  Palo works well in sickness and in health. You will discover that, unlike other incense , the Palo in small amounts really helps, even if you have respiratory ailments.

It’s scent is universal medicine, always agreeable , helpful, uplifting and cleansing.

 Energetic Benefits –

  - While some smudging herbs are used solely to cleanse a space from negative energy and others are then used to attract positive energy, Palo Santo is rare in that it does both at the same time. It both purifies and attracts positive energy. Palo santo’s spirit is often generous with its healing powers as its smoke enters the energy field of those it reaches to clear negative thoughts and misfortune. It is through the process of burning, much like smudging herbs and incense, that it releases the sacred wood’s oils that cleanse the space and people it comes into contact with, attracting positive energy, and even healing people on both physical and more subtle levels.

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