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Sekhmet, the goddess of transformation, and solar feminine fire is alive and well in Egypt as well as the Nevada Desert.

She represents the raw power of knowing exactly who she is and owning her primal nature. Her story includes the compassionate nature of destruction. The fierce protection of the
Mother is sometimes called to destroy in order to preserve well being.

She is the compassionate healer. She is raw courage and power. She hunts down the thought forms behind disease. Sekhmet stalks down the distorted emotions that create unhappiness and breathes fire onto them absorbing them back into nature, restoring balance to the whole.

Her energy is one that seems contradictory, like gentle discipline. Her message is that power does not always wear a smile. Sometimes it is fierce and loud-yet the deepest message of power she has to share is to be who you are without apology.

You cannot take the lioness out of Sekhmet, she is not a domesticated cat, just like you can not take the primal nature out of you and still be you. Sometimes you may be called to destroy that which is no longer serving you for your highest good.

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