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Galbanum - Rare Orange Resin - Afghanistan


Rare Orange Galbanum Tree Resin -  Ferula Galbaniflua/ Rubricaulis  -  Wildcrafted in Afghanistan


Rediscover Ancient Aromas with Galbanum Resin

Step into a world where history and fragrance intertwine – welcome to the realm of Galbanum resin. This rare aromatic, cherished by the perfumery industry, holds the mystique of Biblical incense, a connection to ancient medicine, and the artistry of perfumers through the ages.

Derived from the Ferula Galbaniflua/Rubricaulis species, Galbanum resin presents a captivating dance of scents. Its fresh pine aroma beckons you with an inviting embrace, evoking memories of ancient rituals and sacred spaces.


Embrace the rarity of Galbanum as it graces your olfactory journey. A treasure trove of history and heritage, this resin sparks the imagination and awakens the senses like no other.


In a world where the extraordinary is often hidden in small quantities, Galbanum resin stands as a testament to nature’s remarkable creations. Savor its essence, let it transport you to bygone eras, and ignite your creativity.



Indulge in the allure of Galbanum resin, a glimpse into fragrant antiquity. Immerse yourself in its timeless embrace, and let its story unfold with every fragrant encounter


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