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Myrrh - Yemen, Superior quality 2 oz


Experience the true aromatic depth of classic Myrrh. Just in from Yemen and it is remarkable!  It is so fresh and clean you can actually break a piece apart with your fingers, revealing a shining oil rich interior that is oh-so fragrant. Don't miss this extra fine Myrrh while it is fresh and fragrant. Yemeni Myrhh is known to be the best.

 - Katlyn

This extra fine grade Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) is from Yemen. We offer this Myrrh in 2 oz. bags. Looks like Dark Amber and Brown sugar and is deeply fragrant!
There is nothing like heating good Myrrh on the Electric heater, the classic aromatic comes through clearly in a way that essential oil does not. Myrrh is complex and elegant  -  the essence of ancient incense. Experience this top-grade Myrrh, it is really beautiful.
The Mother of all incense...


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