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Myrrh - Yemen - 2oz


This premium grade Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha)  from Yemen. Prices have gone up,  it is getting harder to come by. 

Cleaned prepared and broken into small heater sized pieces. Deep Cherry  Amber color and deeply fragrant!

Amazing Myrrh, Extra fine quality...   

We offer our Myrrh in 2 oz. bags of small size pieces.

There is nothing like heating good Myrrh on the Electric heater, the classic aromatic comes through clearly in a way that essential oil does not. Myrrh is complex and elegant  -  the essence of ancient incense. Experience this top-grade Myrrh, it is really beautiful.

This price is for 2 oz of sorted and prepared small size pieces ready for the heater. We have carefully cleaned and broken up the Myrrh for your convenience.

The Mother of all incense ....


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