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Elemi - Canarium luzconium - 1 oz. Soft & Fragrant


 Elemi  - (Canarium luzconium)  - Manila

To me, this Elemi is like a scoop of the full moon. I love it.

 Extra fine quality....A very soft white fragrant resin, very popular in incense and perfumery. We sell this oleoresin in a white jar with a Bamboo Spatula. This Elemi is so clean and fragrant! The scent is peppery-lemon,  with a woody balsamic background and a hint of fennel, frankincense, and grass.

To use, simply scoop out half a  teaspoon with a small metal spoon (like the one that comes with the Golden Lotus heater) and place the resin filled spoon on the heat source (heater or charcoal ) and it will melt and release its beautiful scent.

 This Elemi will blend beautifully with wood powders and incense botanicals due to its soft texture, acting as a natural binder and fixative.

A generous 1.5 oz in a quality container. 

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