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Makko - Tabu no ki - 1 oz.


Makko really just means "Incense Powder," but when we refer to Makko we are talking about a specific incense powder called Tabu no ki. It is the bark of an evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia, the Machillus Thunbergii tree. Makko is used as a base to smolder incense ingredients over, rather than using charcoal. It also can act as binder for making sticks and cone incense.

Makko comes in four grades. The higher grades have less aroma than the lower grades. We are pleased to be able to carry the highest grade of Makko available, from the Baieido company in Japan. All natural, no fillers.

What makes this powder so special is:

1.) Its water soluble adhesive properties (for use in making incense sticks and cones)

2.) An almost odorless characteristic that seems to be entirely lost when mixed and burned with other ingredients

3.) Its abilities to burn smoothly and evenly.

For ash to use with Makko powder

For more on Making Incense and Incense Trails using Makko


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