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Elemi - African - Canarium Schweinfurthii - 1 oz.


This is an unusual and hard to find resin from the African Elemi tree. We received this resin from a friend that travels extensively, very limited supply. This Elemi is brittle and glass-like, the color ranging from white to deep black. The scent is very much like an earthy Frankincense, with rainforest type notes of very pleasant elemi/copal. Melts on the Heater into a liquid pool. 

I came across this scent description by Adam Michael of Hermitage Oils and thought it very accurate:

“African Elemi is full of rich, bright, uplifting fresh citrus notes that are strikingly similar to what you discover when smelling frankincense. The difference though is like the color of this resin the aroma has a very dark vibe about it throughout to the extent I’d class this material aromatically as black citrus. This resin has a clearly detectable top, heart, and base notes that are so compelling, complex and multi-layered throughout. The base (for me at least) even contains something aromatically blackcurrant bud like, full of warmth and fruit.
Another resin material I highly encourage burning on an oil burner** and most of all if you enjoy making your own perfumes I would strongly encourage tincturing this resin. In tincture form (for personal use) this material is a superb modifier of bergamot and orange, blends beautifully with pink pepper and rosemary, generally imparts a real blast of freshness into citrus colognes and is also wonderful within floral bouquets. I recommend this material exceptionally highly to everybody interested in resins.”


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