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Patchouli leaf- Pogostemon cablin - .75 oz.


This price is for .75 oz of super fragrant Patchouli leaves. Can be used in sachets, incense, or potpourri, we like to place it in drawers with intimate apparel.   It is a key ingredient in many of Mermade's favorite incense blends such as Dark Goddess and Pan's Earth. 

"Patchouli is a tropical plant that can reach a meter high, known in India and the Far East since time immemorial. Arrived in Europe on the return of the crusades, it knew its hour of glory in the 19th century in England where one served dried leaves to perfume imported Shawls to slip into the linen cabinets.

The fresh plant has little smell and it is only after a fermentation phase that the precursors of different molecules like patchoulol make the leaves smell.

In India, its powdered leaves are one of the favorite ingredients in the composition of incense sticks. Added in small quantities to mixtures, the patchouli confers to them an earthy, sensual, character. Patchouli has a deep, intense, woody odor."

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