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Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun - Resin and Rose Blend


We have been creating this sacred blend for many years and it continues to evolve and grow in beauty, power, and warmth...

This year's batch is no different ….During the Full Moon in Leo and Lion's gate we took 80 jars of "Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun" Incense out to the Temple of Sekhmet here in the Nevada desert. There they were charged and ceremonially blessed with the powerful energy the Temple holds. This is a very potent and special batch. Profits from all sales of Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun go to support the temple here in Nevada. 

"Resins of Golden Sun and Red Earth …flecked with Copper
White tears of Frankincense stained blood red with Crimson Dragon’s Blood,
Zest of sweet  Orange peel with spiced  honey for warm sweetness,
Amber of Benzoin and Myrrh to honor the sacred past,
Black Frankincense, from the Mountains of the Moon,
and the beauty of Roses to open the heart…"

This price is for 1 oz in an airtight  jar

Here in the desert, there is a sacred space, a wonderful temple devoted to the Divine Feminine and especially the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. This incense was first created for the temple in honor of this powerful and beloved solar goddess.


Sekhmet 2015



For more on the Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

On the Temple:

A multi-faith community space celebrating Goddess and Earth-conscious Spirituality, compassionate peace activism, and the practice of Maternal Gift Economy~

The Temple and grounds offer peace sanctuary, gathering space, guesthouse space and camping facilities. Celebrating the lunar and solar holidays of the Wheel of the Year, and honoring Sacred Mother as source of all Creation, all who come seeking peace are welcome to visit the grounds and participate in the rituals, regardless. As a drug, alcohol and weapon-free space, reverence and respect shape the revelry and reverie.

Sekhmet Temple Cactus Springs is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. Everything is offered free of charge, and… we rely solely on the generosity and joyful reciprocity to cover building costs, land maintenance, and operational/living expenses.



Co-creating environments where human systems reflect and reciprocate Earth Mother’s diverse and *proclusive ways of gifting, sharing, caring, and celebrating,



Nurturing cultural regeneration by attuning to and engaging the mysteries and magic of Sacred Mother—through ritual, land restoration and community-building.


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