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Saffron Neroli Incense


These aromatics treasures are an ancient love charm…


This is a warm elegant incense, very unique in its combination of light citrus and Neroli blossoms with the aromatic mystery of True Saffron absolute (Crocus Sativa). 


Real Saffron oil is rare and I am thrilled to have the chance to work with it.  The Neroli oil is very special as well, being distilled by my dear friend from the Blood orange blossoms that are abundant in Arizona.


The aromatic effect is Floral but not too sweet, the base is a mellow combination of Rhododendron, Kua Myrrh, and Lawudo powder which allows the Saffron to emerge. Threads of Saffron and orange zest bring a touch of beauty and fragrance.



Saffron has a very subtle flavor and aroma — some say it’s floral, some say it’s like honey, and some would just say pungent.


This is a perfect blend for romance and for use at weddings…


 - In Arabia, Saffron was a treasured gift, given at weddings and births

 - Neroli orange blossoms signified love at Romani weddings

 - Nomads of the desert gave Saffron and Frankincense to new brides to bring fertility.


Approx 1 oz in an amber jar






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