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Pari Katha - a Nepalese Fantasy Blend


Pari Katha means “Fairy Tale” in Nepali.

A unique many-layered fantasy blend…


The lovely honey notes of Sunpati Leaves with tears of the finest Mastic and Green Frankincense create the base for this Incense. I then added the exotic notes of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Rhododendron flowers touched Honeysuckle Melange.

it is simply enchanting…



- Rhododendron leaves and flowers (Sunpati from Nepal)

- Green Frankincense

- Chios Mastic

- Lawudo powder form Nepal

- Ylang Ylang Essential oil

- Bergamot

- Honeysuckle Melange (Natural Isolates)


This drawing by Gustave Moreau has always fascinated me, he named it “A Peri” a wild and strange oriental Fairy. It also inspired this incense.


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