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Superior Agarwood Melange - with Ambergris


Something truly special, treat yourself to a rare gift...

Hand-ground chips of premium Agarwoods from my collection steeped in Fine Oud oils.  Experience the depth of real Agarwood Ouds on your Electric Heater and then (so as not to waste a molecule of aroma) burn the remains on good Japanese charcoal, which comes with the blend, and receive another burst of Agarwood goodness.

 3.8 Grams of this precious blend comes in a glass pot with 2 pieces of Charcoal.

Contains :

Ouds Oils Purple dervish, Aroha kush, Superior Thai

Agarwoods Kalimantan West Borneo, Vintage Vietnamese, New Guinea, Port Moresby, Malaysian super, Thai cultivated

Plus - Ambergris concrete, to allow them to meld in a wonderful way!



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