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Myrrh - Yemen, Superior quality 1 oz


We just got this Myrrh from Yemen and it is remarkable!  It is so fresh and clean you can actually break a piece apart with your fingers, revealing a shining oil rich interior that is oh so fragrant! We recommend that this myrrh be heated on the Golden Lotus Electric Heater.

Don't miss this extra fine Myrrh while it is still fresh and fragrant. It is more expensive, but worth it...

 - Katlyn

This extra fine grade Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha)  from Yemen. We offer this Myrrh in 1 oz. bags Deep Cherry Amber and Brown sugar color and deeply fragrant!
There is nothing like heating good Myrrh on the Electric heater, the classic aromatic comes through clearly in a way that essential oil does not. Myrrh is complex and elegant  -  the essence of ancient incense. Experience this top-grade Myrrh, it is really beautiful.
The Mother of all incense ....


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