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Maia - Sandalwood and Spring Blossoms


For the Goddess of Spring and the fires of May…

A luscious blend of Precious flowers and Resins and Mysore Sandalwood


The scent of Spring growth

Sweet blossoms and verdant vines

The tears of trees and tender heartwood

Violet shadows shade tender petals

All merge in Vernal scented delight

Under Maia’s warm starlit night



Mysore Sandalwood

Blossoms of Osmanthus and Mimosa absolute

Violet Leaf Absolute

Superior white Oman Frankincense


Breu Claro


About the Goddess Maia -

We derive the name of our most beautiful springtime month from

this ancient goddess who appeared in both Greek and Roman legend.

In Greece, she was "grandmother," "midwife," or "wise one" (variant

meanings of her name). Originally the goddess of the night sky and

later the oldest of the Pleiades,  The Romans identified the

Greek Maia with their fire-goddess of the same name; she, like Flora

and Feronia, ruled the forces of growth and warmth, including sexual

heat. Maia's festival was held on the first day of her month, a rite that

still survives in the Christian dedication of May to Mary, queen of



- Patricia Monoghan


The beautiful art on this incense is by

NikkiElla Whitlock, her fabulous mixed media mosaics can be found on Etsy

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