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Labdanum Spirals - Raw Resin (Cistus Creticus) from Crete - .5 oz


The real deal.... sweet, sexy, leathery, balsamic, woody, and dark - one of my very favorite incense basics. 

These spirals of pure Labdanum resin from Crete are crafted in the traditional way, rolled by hand here at Mermade and shaped into a snake-like spiral. They are about the size of a silver dollar and dusted fine Agarwood powder. These spirals make it easy to use, just pinch a bit off the end and place it on the heater. 

They are a labor of love and a beautiful way to enjoy this wonderful resin.

This price is for 2 spirals, about half an ounce. (15 grams)


More on Labdanum:

This wonderful Labdanum is from Crete and was collected and extracted in the traditional way, it is direct from the source. 

In ancient times, the resin was scraped from the fur of goats and sheep that had grazed on the cistus shrubs. It was collected by the shepherds and sold to coastal traders. The false beards worn by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were actually the labdanum-soaked hair of these goats. Later long poles with leather or cloth strips were used to sweep the shrubs and collect the resin which was later extracted. It was used to treat colds, coughs, menstrual problems, and rheumatism.

"Labdanum is produced today mainly for the perfume industry. The raw resin is usually extracted by boiling the leaves and twigs. The raw gum is a dark brown, fragrant mass containing up to 20% or more of water. It is plastic but not pourable and becomes brittle with age. The odor is very rich, complex and tenacious. Labdanum is much valued in perfumery because of its resemblance to ambergris. The odor is variously described as sweet, woody, ambergris, dry musk, or like that of leather."

We like to heat it on the Electric heater but the traditional way is shown here:

Video from Crete - Burning Labdanum resin on Charcoal 


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