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Holy Land - Extra Fine Tibetan Sticks

Holy Land is Tibetan Medical College’s top-grade incense and it very well might be the finest Tibetan-style incense available. Having started with the Nectar and moved to this one, I found this to be a step up and I was already over the moon with the Nectar. The central scent to this incense (and very close to the central scent for Nectar) is one of a big bowl of salted pistachio nuts, particularly the ones that used to be more frequently available that were red-dyed. But this is only the beginning. This intensity is mixed throughout with a plethora of woods, florals, herbs, and spices, not to mention a distinct musk that while not a central aspect to the overall scent, creates a give and take in the aroma that affords it greater complexity. The floral thread is like lily or jasmine, very subtle, but it manifests in the most incredible ways. Outside of aloeswood, I’ve experienced no other incense other than the Highland to continue to invoke scent memories no matter where I am. An experience like no other, this is a hall of fame incense whose relative affordability compared to Japanese sticks makes it an excellent buy.



One of the most popular of all, Holy Land Incense features an earthy, yet subtle aroma. Though it contains a high proportion of sandalwood, there is little of the ‘sweetness’ associated with sandalwood. It is excellent for meditation and to clear and refresh the mind and atmosphere. Individual sticks are very dense. Holy Land Incense is a premium product of the Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet College, located in Lhasa. The College has become a well-known center for academic, research, and Tibetan medicine production.


30 sticks per box | 23cm x 2.5mm | Approx. 43g


With thanks to Mike at ORS

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