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Heart of Venus - Sandalwood Rose Supreme


For the love of Venus Aphrodite… Rich waves of Rose and Sandalwood...

An Incense blending together the finest ingredients Mermade has to offer as a gift to the goddess of love. This is a blend to open the heart and celebrate romance.

Very decadent and delightful, it is like a Bakhoor, but light and natural.


Just imagine how this will smell on your heater…  how it will please the senses...  Olfactory Bliss…





Rose Damask Essential oil, for love


Cananga flower Essential oil - An exotic and sultry essential oil with a warm, sweet, floral aroma. Even though it is a relative of Ylang Ylang, this floral has a softer, more subtle scent that is fantastic for perfumery.


A hint of earthy Vetiver


70 % pure sensuous Mysore Sandalwood powder as the base




Crimson Kua, red the color of  passion


Green Frankincense powder, green the color of the Heart Chakra


Golden Benzoin, traditionally sacred to Venus


.5 oz comes in an Amber Glass Jar in a crimson gift bag with an art card and wooden serving spoon

Makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift!


An ancient description of the Temple of Aphrodite (Pseudo-Lucian, Erotes)


"The floor of the court had not been doomed to sterility by a stone pavement, but on the contrary, it burst with fertility, as behooves Aphrodite: fruit trees with verdant foliage rose to prodigious heights, their limbs weaving a lofty vault. The myrtle, beloved by the goddess, reached up its berry-laden branches no less than the other trees which so gracefully stretched out. They never know foliage grown old, their boughs always being thick with leaves. To tell the truth, you can notice among them some infertile trees, but they have beauty as their fruit. Such were the cypress and the planes which towered to the heavens, as well as the tree of Daphnis, who once fled Aphrodite but now has come here to seek refuge. Ivies entwine themselves lovingly around each of these trees. Heavy clusters of grapes hang from the gnarled vines: indeed, Aphrodite is only more attractive when united with Bacchus; their pleasures are sweeter for being mixed together. Apart, they have less spice. Under the welcome shade of the boughs, comfortable beds await the celebrants— actually the better people of the town only rarely frequent these green halls, but the common crowds jostle there on festive days, to yield publicly to the joys of love. "



Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, is the personification of passion, sensuality, and earthly bliss. Aphrodite blesses all true lovers with beauty and grace, but she is not overly involved with fidelity or commitments. Being true to your heart pleases Aphrodite, and her myths involve her with many lovers. But with each, she loves wholeheartedly, and the beauty of Aphrodite is in that surrender

to the deep ocean of love.


"All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals."

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