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"Haiku" - Yincense from Esprit de la Nature

"Yincense" is a new concept in Incense Crafting:  See Article

A lovely sunset

Lady butterfly

perfumes her wings

by floating

Over the orchid



INGREDIENTS:  From the garden: Rose (Rosa rugosa) petals, Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) Leaves.  From the wild: Sweet Clover (Melilotus officinalis) leaves and flowers, Larch (Larix laricina) resin. From a sustainable farmer: Madagascar vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) beans cured in the bourbon fashion, added to give the impression of vanilla scent flowers.


   A Haiku is a poem of 17 syllables.  Seventeen syllables are the average number of syllables that can be uttered in one breath.  Ideally, the words of a haiku can be spoken in one breath, the sequence and rhythm of the words shaping their delivery as the poet exhales. The poet's vision completed at the end of the breath and of the haiku.  Ideally, a haiku poem is written in response to, if not in the throes of, then in the immediate afterglow of a “haiku moment.” A Haiku suggests rather than explains

 Working in the garden and the forest offers many haiku moments.  Quiet observations that reach deep in the soul and then vanish like the scent of a flower on the wind.  Fragrances fill the air, mingle, and then vanish.  This incense blend was inspired by one of those moments.  It is an incense haiku.  It was a warm summer morning while I was picking roses.  The roses were alive with the hum of bumblebees.  A larch tree towers over my rose hedge and its fluffy, citrus-scented needles whispered in the breeze.  The vanilla perfume of the potted, purple heliotropes came alive in the warming air.  Springing up everywhere, long, curving stems of white sweet clover danced in the wind lending their fragrance of new-mown hay to the air.  The moment was filled not with the plants’ individual scents but with a bouquet of fragrances making a perfume for the moment.  A fat, pollen-laden bee took to the wind buzzing loudly and she and the moment were gone. 


One fallen flower
    returning to the
    branch? . . . Oh no!
A white butterfly

– Moritake


1 oz. of Haiku comes in golden tin


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