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Dream Snake - Oracular Incense


Dream Snake is a unique  Mermade  blend , we have been creating it for over 20 years...

An incense that speaks....

This is a heady blend for trance dance, dreaming, and divination

 A self-igniting incense that can be used for "Libanomancy" or incense divination. 

It contains traditional psychoactive plant materials and resins and unusual aromatics. 

Also an excellent aid for  vision work

It should be used carefully and consciously in a sacred manner.

This incense is created to not only release a lovely fragrance but also to create a magickal environment.  It has wonderful incense qualities with high herbal content. 

When using this blend be conscious of performing a ritual. It is not meant to just perfume the air, but to create a sacred space and be used as an aid to psychic work. Take your time and enjoy the ritual of incense. We recommend that you burn it outside in the Moonlight, or in a well-ventilated area. 

Remember this incense does not need charcoal or a heater to use, it has a self-igniting ingredient ( a natural mineral salt known as "Vesta Powder") added to the natural herbs, woods, and finely powdered resins. This mineral salt along with the Harmala Seeds lets Dream Snake burn like an oracular incense, with hisses, pops, and small flickers of flame. Very different from our other blends. 

Comes with a serving spoon and a cone incense mold


- Oman Black Frankincense 

 - Harmala Seeds (Syrian Rue) traditional oracular seeds of protection, known for the way they "speak" and pop to drive a way evil. A very exciting little pyrotechnic display

 - Sandalwood powder,  top grade

- Salupati  (Shorea robusta) “the deliverer of intoxicating resin” 

 - Indica

 - Dittany of Crete, and other visionary Herbs

 - Vetiver oil to add a dark sweetness

Datura "MoonFlowers" , (flowers only) grown and harvested here during the summer. Used in many countries for journey work and in flying ointments (grown in our garden)

"The most beautiful feature of Daturas is certainly their trumpet-like flowers which emanate an unusual heady scent at dusk....The Datura bud unfolds its petals in a gorgeous spiral pattern, which is a beautiful example of the Fibonacci sequence in nature."

"In the mythology of Native Americans, Datura was a sacred plant used for both magical and medicinal purposes. Native American mythology is composed of traditional narratives and spiritual stories which are deeply rooted in nature. In such a religious system, rich with the symbolism of plants, Datura holds a special place. In the culture of aboriginal America, an area populated by Indian tribes living throughout the North and South continents, Datura was one of the most widely used hallucinogenic plants. The plant was prized for its ability to help mortals communicate with gods and with the spirits of the dead."

Cone mold can be used  with Dream Snake 

This price is for enough Incense for about 10 uses , it comes in a glass vial sealed with Beeswax, with serving spoon and Cone Mold

To Burn:

Place a small spoonful in a censer or  bowl and shape it into a cone-like mound - or - You can  use the cone mold (see pictures) which  included with your order of Dream Snake. Just pack the flexible mold with incense powder and place down on flat surface and lift to form a perfect cone.

After the cone or mound of incense is formed just  light it to top point.  It will begin to flame. Wait a few moments and gently blow or fan out the flame.

It will then begin to smolder and smoke with small crackles, pops and licks of flame.

It is a good idea to have a small bowl to place over the lit incense mound in case you want to extinguish it before it has burned completely.

You can use any ceramic bowl or plate or a natural flat stone to burn Dream Snake on. Does not generate as much heat as charcoal. 

Use this incense in sacred way....That is how it is prepared.

For more information:

Oracluar Incense and Incense Divination, article at Mermade

Datura, an article at Frangrantica - By: Marina Milojević




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