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Dionysos - An Intoxicating Incense

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Everyone needs a bit of Dionysos in their lives :)  - perhaps an incense to accompany your evening glass of Wine?


Unique Neriko style cakes with the rich pleasurable “boozy” scents of :


Classic Incense Resins


Juniper berries

Black Current Bud and sweet Tobacco absolutes



and a pinch or two of Sativa…


All bound with macerated Golden Raisins that have been soaking in Calvados Brandy and Labdanum for over a year.



εὐοῖ Dionysos!

(from εὖ (, “good”) +‎ οἶνος (oînos, “wine”)


These cakes have been a fascinating journey of learning and experimenting that has born a wonderful outcome. Each cake is hand-formed and stamped with a woodblock of botanical motifs. They look a bit like pieces of an ancient amphora. The scent is relaxing, smooth, and a bit intoxicating.


On Ecstasy and Dionysos -


Dionysus has been called the most important of the Greek

gods. Certainly, he is the most misunderstood! The very pro-

fusion of his names and qualities makes immediate compre-

hension difficult. He is called the god of wine, the god of

abandon, the great liberator, the god of ecstasy. He represents

the continual rebirth of life in the spring, the irrational wisdom

of the senses, and the soul's transcendence.

He is not a straightforward, thundering sky god like Zeus

or a messenger between the worlds like Hermes. Unlike the

static, abstract Olympians, Dionysus embodies the continual,

unpredictable changes and transmutations of nature. Like the

vine, he is born of fire, torn apart, seemingly dead, and always

reborn. At once a tragic and heroic figure, like the wine he

represents he brings humans both madness and ecstasy.

Western civilization praises the orderly life. We have a healthy

skepticism that insists "seeing is believing." Our world is built

on thinking, logic, progress, and success, and within these

limits we feel secure. But today even our scientists tell us that

these limits are illusory -

"the dancing universe; the ceaseless flow of energy going through an

infinite variety of patterns." This is the Dionysian energy, the

dance of the Maenads, the power of life that flows through all

of us and unites us with heaven and earth.


- Robert A. Johnson


This price is for .5 oz (about 10 -  1 " dia. cakes) hand-stamped in an airtight jar 



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Only 4 left!