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Deep Earth - Labdanum covered Kyphi


A journey into the perfumed darkness... 

 Labdanum Covered Kyphi



Ready to journey into the dark?

Place a piece of “Deep Earth” on the heater

Dirty sweet and sexy - Dark warm notes like resting on the rich earth. 

The scents of Amber Labdanum with Indonesian Patchouli, Vetiver from Haiti, and Black Frankincense.  Blended with  Agarwood and shrouded in the  deep shade of incense and wood

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Best heated on an Electric heater at a lower temperature (about 220C)


If you enjoyed Pan’s Earth Blends you will love Deep Earth.




Labdanum Resin

Blended Omani Frankincense

Yemeni Myrrh



Styrax and Benzoin

Patchouli and Vetiver 

Pan’s Earth oil


This price is for .75 oz (13 large pellets) in a black tin, nested in Styrax bark, Patchouli herb, Oakmoss, and Myrrh

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