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Dark Amber - Labdanum covered Kyphi


For Amber lovers...


Labdanum Covered Kyphi


Natural Amber fragrance is made up of Labdanum, Benzoin, and Vanilla, and Dark Amber has these in abundance. Sweetly aromatic with a pheromone-like effect, it is relaxing and sublime. The leathery notes of the Labdanum enhance the incense resins and spices. 


These Kyphi-style pellets are dipped in Fragrant oils and coated with Labdanum resin.

These large Kyphi-style Pellets are dipped in fragrant essential oils and then covered with rich dark Labdanum Resin and dusted with Agarwood

This is a complex process, but the combination is worth it.



Best heated on an Electric heater at a lower temperature (about 220C)





Labdanum Resin

Blended Omani Frankincense

Yemeni Myrrh

Pinon pine




Vanilla and Labdanum Absolute


This price is for .75 oz (13 large pellets) in a black tin, nested in bits of Golden Amber Myrrh

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