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Bacchant - a Wild Incense




A wild incense…


A Bacchant is a follower of Bacchus, the God of wine, ecstatic dancers who gathered on the moonlit mountains of Greece and Rome. I have tried to capture the earthy sweet scents at a Bacchanalian revel  -  Rich with Dark Labdanum and Black Currant and scents of the Wilderness.


An incense to create an atmosphere of revelry and inner intoxication.

Earthy, fruity, and resinous,  with unusual green notes. These are dark hand-cut semi-soft pellets, that burst with aroma on the heater, or, for outside celebrations,  heated on a  good charcoal.( A hot rock from a campfire works really well too:)


It is a blend that grew slowly and evolved.


It started with macerated Golden Raisins soaked in Brandy and blended with prepared Honey and melted Labdanum resin to form the binder. Then the ground resins and herbs called out to be a part of the party.   Agarwood dust with Black Current, Vanilla, and Sweet Tobacco absolutes came next.


It was time to let it cure and for me to have a glass of wine…


Then came the green botanicals, to add the sense of the wilderness. One scent after the next,  they came together. Some are very surprising, but effective. Blending into something that invoked a feeling of stepping into that torch-lit dance under the moon. Circling with the Bacchantes that await their God to join the dance.


Another glass of wine anyone?


This price is for 12 pellets in an amber air-tight jar, nested in herbs from Crete (Dittany, Mountain Tea, Sage, Anise, Marjoram)



I bring ye wine from above,

    From the vats of the storied sun;

For every one of ye love,

    And life for every one.

Ye shall dance on hill and level;

    Ye shall sing in hollow and height,

In the festal mystical revel,

    The rapturous Bacchanal rite!

The rocks and trees are yours,

    And the waters under the hill,

By the might of that which endures,

    The holy heaven of will!

I kindle a flame like a torrent

    To rush from star to star;

Your hair as a comet's horrent,

    You shall see things as they are!

I lift the mask of matter;

    I open the heart of man;

For I am of force to shatter

    The cast that hideth–Pan!


I lift my wand and wave you

    Through hill to hill of delight;

My rosy rivers lave you

    In innermost lustral light.

I lead you, lord of the maze,

    In the darkness free of the sun;

In spite of the spite that is day's

    We are wed, we are wild, we are one!


- From the Rite of Jupiter 



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