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Apsara - Triple flower

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An Apsara is a divine Creature,

Celestial Nymph and

A Muse of the East.

Sometimes Winged,

always Dancing.

Bringer of beauty and Grace,

Surrounded by Flowers.


This incense is dedicated to my beloved husband and partner, Michael, and his song “Apsara”. 

You can listen and see it here:



The blend was a labor of love and celebrates the floral world and the element of Air.

They are for a lover of florals and will bring a burst of a heavenly garden into your room…


Each cake hand-formed and stamped. They are a mix of Chios Mastic, Golden Benzoin, Kua Myrrh, Sultan’s Green Frankincense and also a very rare and unusual resin from Socotra, Ornifolia.These resins are ground fine and mixed with Mysore Sandalwood powder saturated with natural floral absolutes and concretes.


Each golden box of Apsara contains 3 packets , with 4 cakes each of the triple flower blends:


Apsara Osmanthus


Apsara Carnation and Ginger Lily


Apsara Rose Damask



We hope you enjoy the experience :)




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