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Amber Lubana - Benzoin ,Labdanum and Vanilla


This blend is Lubana taken to the next aromatic level. If you love natural amber this is for you. 

Known as "Amber Lubana" which comes from the Arabic lubān jāwī (لبان خاوي, “frankincense of Java”), because Benzoin was first brought from Indonesia. 

To warm and sweeten your mood, it melts on the heater into a chocolate diamond pool  - The perfect  sweet "Dessert" incense...

We have taken two types of Benzoin (Golden and Dark) resin and imbued them with a special Amber oil (from White Lotus) and  Labdanum, Vanilla, and Benzoin Absolutes for an amazing sweet Amber fragrance. This creates a sweet sticky incense that looks like chocolate and smells delicious on an Electric heater . Add Amber Lubana to sweeten any blend like adding “aromatic honey”. 

Benzoin Styrax – (Styrax benzoides) Known also as Gum Benjamin. Benzoin is very aromatic with an amber vanilla odor from Asia.  Used widely in perfumes as a fixative it is remarkably sweet and enlivening. A mental stimulant to promote creativity. “Ben” means branch in Hebrew and fragrant in Arabic and “Zoa” means exudation. Benzoin is often combined with Frankincense to make Byzantine incense used for religious ceremonies. 

This price is for 1 oz.

Scent profile - Creativity, Venus, sweet  Dessert, Vanilla/caramel, balsamic, amber

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