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Palo Santo Resin - 1 oz - top grade prepared pieces


Palo Santo Resin (Bursera graveolens)  Harvested in Peru.

Dark pure Palo Santo Resin resin pieces that have been sorted, cleaned and prepared to bring you the nicest Palo resin we have seen. You will not find a truer Palo aroma. 

 You only get the choicest quality Palo resin  ready for your censer or heater. This is beautiful stuff.

Pure resin from the Peruvian Palo Santo tree.  Palo Santo Resin has a mild, soft, pleasant aroma.  Woody and sweet with hints of Frankincense.  Sustainably harvested, no trees were killed.

A perfect addition to blends to add ancient healing base note, great with copal or just by itself on charcoal or the heater. 


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