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Kyphi (Oud) 2018 - .5 oz. packed in Agarwood dust


The Finest Premium Kyphi - an incense creation closest to our heart....
This is a very rich and sacred blend with an abundance of Agarwood and Oud involved in its creation. Each time the mixture was rolled and cured it was dusted with pure Agarwood and misted with Oud. Each amber glass jar contains over 20 grams (22-24 pieces) of the finest Kyphi. They are nested in 2 grams of pure Agarwood dust.

My friends, it is hard to explain all the love and work and intention that goes into making this incense, just know it is the finest blend we have ever created.
 - Katlyn

 Kyphi is made of hand-ground resins, spices and botanicals, carefully melded together over time to create a classic incense solid, the small cakes are semi-soft, dark, sweet and resinous. One piece will enchant an entire room with a sacred scent creating the atmosphere of an ancient temple.
 This Kyphi is the most recent re-creation of the powerful fumigation from the ancient temples of Horus and Isis. Based on the latest research from the Edfu temple and a recent study of ceramic dishes used in the preparation of Kyphi, this incense contains components of great magic that were dedicated to the gods of the Ennead. The technique was developed with Nathaniel Musselman, and his original formula Divine Lover inspired by historic Egyptian texts and meticulous study of the incense arts. Katlyn has taken the formula and through many years of work has brought it to a new level of incense art.
 The care and physical preparation of this blend also follow ancient tradition. It takes no less than a month to combine and blend all the components, and at least another six months of aging and curing before this sacred fumigation is ready to be offered.
We recommend that this fine premium incense is heated on a Golden Lotus Electric Incense Heater or heated very gently on good charcoal.
This price is for over1 oz.  , about 30 pieces in an amber glass jar
The cakes of Kyphi are carefully nested in 2 grams pure Agarwood Dust.
Some of the ingredients in 2018 Kyphi:
 Hougary Frankincense(Black and White ), Yemeni and Suhul Myrrh, Labdanum Resin and Absolute, Persian Galbanum, Turkish Storax Bark, Chios Mastic, Burgundy Spruce resin,  Agarwood,  Pine resin, Saigon Cinnamon, Oud, Fine Honey Mead, and other many other traditional spices.

From Mike at ORS
 It is also Kyphi time and the vintage is as good as you could possibly expect. In fact, I think I would need a time machine back to ancient Egypt to find a market kyphi that's better than this one. The problem on my end is as these vintages improve with every year I'm running out of superlatives to describe it (sifting back through previous Kyphi reviews is also recommended here, I would think all of them still apply). You would need the equivalent of a Wine Spectator expert who could sift through the many subtleties of such a complex incense to really describe this Kyphi, as in many ways it is the fine, aged wine of incense and actually shares the qualities of really good spirits in terms of power and quality. In fact, this is an incense where so many ingredients come together and end up merging into one totality where it can be actually difficult to make any differentiation from one ingredient to another. Surely this could be one of the finest boutique incenses ever devised It's a virtual whirlwind of complexity and astonishment, the kind of scent that could only truly be approached by fine poetry.

On  Kyphi: Contrary to the Greek, Arabic, and later versions of this formula, it appears that the revised inscriptions at Edfu do not call for fruit paste in the making of this incense. This formula appears to be composed mostly of sacred resins, and this re-creation has been blended with the finest resins associated with Egyptian perfumery and worship. Burned in the evening, kyphi was believed to restore the sexuality of the gods or departed dead. Recent Egyptology closely ties scent and sexuality together in the ancient culture. Funerary beliefs and mythical doctrines also place a strong emphasis on the life-giving force of sexuality. This is quite appropriate as the kyphi formula comes to us from the temples of gods associated with the creation, life, and afterlife. Heka (assumed magic or life force in action) was believed the means of communing with and influencing the divine. 
At nightfall, they burnt Kyphi, the famous compound incense, which was made of sixteen ingredients: Most of the ingredients that are taken into this compound, in as much as they have aromatic properties, give forth a sweet emanation and a beneficent exhalation, by which the air is changed, and the body moved gently and softly by the current, acquires a temperament conducive to sleep and the distress and strain of our daily cares, as if they were knots, these exhalations relax and loosen without the aid of wine.

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