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Oceana - Marine ( on sale)

A lovely, light Marine fragrance…fit for a mermaid…


Looking for a new olfactory experience? Oceana is a unique siren song.


Many years ago I created a “water-inspired” ” scent for Mermade called ”Dolphin Dreamtime ” which was very popular. I decided to make a  new version this year, which I believe will delight and enchant.


It is an iridescent blend of Sultan’s grade Green Omani Frankincense, Yemeni Myrrh, and Mastic tears  that have been immersed in  Essential oils and a very high-quality Marine/ Ozone perfumer's essence. It is very unique, cooling, and beautiful in appearance.


One ounce of Oceana comes in a silver tin with a windowed top so you can see the shimmering resins and pearly seashells within. (Do not place the Shells and Pearls on the heater : )


Heat this blend on an Electric incense Heater at about 220c, or gently on good-grade charcoal.



Sultan’s grade Green Omani Frankincense

Yemeni Myrrh

Mastic tears

Marine/ozone Essence

My special “Water” essential oil blend

Seashells and pearls




Images from the undersea sculpture  of Jason Decaires Taylor



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