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Ylang Ilan - Rare Flower Sticks


Ylang-ilan -  Rare flower of flowers

A scent vision of a glowing Moth pollinating  Ylang ylang flowers, which release their strongest scent at night, to attract them….

These premium incense sticks Contain…
Ylang ylang essential oil complete ( the best we have experienced in a long time) with a hint of Jasmine Gandiflorum and some extra fine Vetiver to bring the fragrances of Earth and Moonlight. This blend is held in a base of Thai Agarwood and Sandalwood from Japan. Each Glass Vial contains 9 sticks nested in Jasmine Flowers and sealed with Beeswax.

The bright, floral fragrance of Ylang ylang, rich with notes of spice and fruit, is famous as a sensual, soothing fragrance. Perfect for a summer night.

Ylang ylang comes from the Tagalog word “ilang”, meaning wilderness. It may also be related to the term “ilang-ilan”, meaning rare. Ylang ylang can also be translated as “flower of flowers”.

According to Philippine myth, the lovely, flowering Ylang ylang tree came about when Ilang, a beautiful girl, falls in love with a boy she is forbidden to marry. When they meet, the moment they touch hands, she is transformed into a tree (directly, in some versions, and after her death in others), and her lover , wandering in the rainforest cries for her: “Ilang! Ilang!”.

The Flowers are commonly scattered on the beds of newlywed couples. It may not be coincidental that the aroma of Ylang ylang is thought to be aphrodisiac in nature and  is associated with the planet Venus.

Ylang ylang can be used as a love charm, and it is said that the aroma enhances self love as well as romance. Because the fragrance is soothing and tension-taming, it is also used to invoke a calm, meditative state.

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