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Sacred Grove - Sunlit Forest Sticks


Scent of the Forest in sunlight…warm mellow woods and and natural resins...

Sacred Woods and Resins come together in an amber forest scent. The sap of aromatic trees and plants creates an earthy warm, amber grove experience.

Clearing and uplifting, yet sweetly aromatic.... Golden light in a green forest.

Premium Vietnam Agarwood powder
 Oman Frankincense, Copal

Turkish Storax ( Liquidambar Orientalis)

Premium Sandalwood

Fir Balsam

Himalayan Juniper Wood

All natural, contains no artificial ingredients, charcoal or chemicals. It is fresh and light with no heavy synthetic perfume- just real incense. Needs no charcoal to burn... each glass vial contains 8 sticks packed in Fir tips

Review of Sacred Grove ORS: I’d be hard pressed to pick a Mermade favorite, after all 80% of the catalog is superlative work, if not more, but Sacred Grove would have to be pretty close to the top, it’s one of those incenses so carefully crafted it’s almost like sampling an aged wine or scotch. The ingredient list is massive, including Hougary and Omani frankincense, Turkish Storax (liquidambar orientalis), Labdanum, Canadian Spruce essential oil, Western Red Cedar Wood Powdered Grand Fir Tips, Himalayan Juniper Wood, Pinon Pine resin, and copal elemi resin. That’s almost a greatest hits list for my nose and the result is a mix of resins and evergreen scents that comes off almost like an ethereal orange spiced tea, with every ingredient popping with scent. The orange-peel like scent from the Hougary is pretty evident but the combination also gives off waves of apple which really adds to this scent. I’m not sure how Katlyn managed to get the woods to shine through, but they really do, adding a perfect balance to the blend.
- Mike from Olfactory Rescue site

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