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Fairie Magick - Enchanting Wands of Incense


Sweet smoke to open the Portals of Faerie…

We have all experienced that little shiver when we feel  that something magickal is near.
These lovely wands of self burning incense can be lit to say to the fair ones, “your are welcome here” or just to say “thank you “ for their presence in your home or garden.
Or just to enjoy the enchanting scent….

We are very proud of these wands, they are very thin and and burn like magic, they even shimmer! The best we we have ever crafted.

The fragrance is sweet green with drops of Damask Rose, Fir Balsam Resin and Jasmine Grandiflorum  -  light and joyful, both airy and earthy  - Blended in a base of extra fine Sandalwood , Agarwood powders, cedar tips and Juniper wood. Also in the blend is a touch of Elfwort, Ledum and Larix (the Faery Tree, thank you Be)

We make all our sticks carefully by hand and in small batches using only  the finest natural ingredients.
Usually 7 sticks are messed with herbs and flowers in a glass vial sealed with Beeswax and a Cork ….tiny rose from our garden is in each vial….

Their scent is true and natural , a labor of love .
All natural, contains no artificial ingredients, charcoal or chemicals. It is fresh and light with no heavy synthetic perfume- just real incense. Needs no charcoal to burn...

The Heart of Faery To speak of the Faery is to call the first children of Mother Earth, for they are the etheric and spirit forms of Creativity and Nature. They have been called Devas, Spirits, even Angels and Demons. But when one encounters this form of being it is unmistakable, for pure vital force runs through them and visions of the archetypal realms of the “mythic” appear. They are seen through the corner of the eye or in the play of leaf and shadow, they are the hands that seems to guide us and the small voices which beckon us to find a hidden treasure among the weeds- They are the personification and sacred presence that seems to animate and enliven all wild and growing things. It is through pure creative impulse and the desire for authentic beauty , be these of the light or the darkness, that the Faery manifest. The enchantment of the Faery realm is universal , its legends and lore extending to every culture.The Faery hold the keys to numinous and elemental mysteries. They await to unlock hidden portals , underworld passages, and dreams which inspire the soul and bring joy and wonder to the heart. The realm of Faery mirrors our imagination and manifests the essence of our soul. Faery acts as a muse for the artist and a guide for the Spirit Quest .One can recognize this realm in the eerie yet fascinating fear we feel , like children lost in a dark wood, in the wild and free songs our heart sings to nature when we know we are never alone, and in the magick of moonlight dancing upon the waters beckoning us to enter upon it’s path . As we create Faery through our mythic imagination and creative consciousness, they create us with their energy, passion and pure haunting beauty. Listen to them, they will teach you the secrets of the Earth...

- From Faery Call by Katlyn

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