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Devotion - Incense wands

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Devotion is an elegant and pure incense wand created for a peaceful mind, meditation and worship...


We recently received some excellent sandalwood powder from Japan, I wanted to bring out its sublime beauty but also enhance the energy with the healing wood of Himalayan Juniper and the clarity of Chios Mastic. No essential oils were added to the blend.


It is smooth, subtle and fresh, a fragrance I think everyone will enjoy...



- Premium Sandalwood Powder (the finest we have smelled in years)

- Light Himalayan Juniper Wood

- Chios Mastic


This price is for 9 handmade wands in a glass vial sealed with Beeswax, 


The Artwork on the label is  Gayatri Yantra by Pieter Weltevrede. Prints of this fine artist’s inspiring work may be purchased here:

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Only 2 left!