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Mermade Mist - Frankincense Rose

  • Oman Frankincense
  • Rose Damask

A light heart-opening mist...

Oman Frankincense essential oil,  fine Rose Damascena Essential oil and distilled water are blended to create this fragrant mist. 

This a great way to enjoy the benefits of fine Frankincense and heart-opening rose instantaneously ...
 You can use it anywhere, it is not a heavy perfume .... but a light and moisturizing mist.

Ways to use Frankincense Rose Mist:

 - Just shake the bottle and spray 3 or 4 times around the head and heart and be enveloped in a healing scent. 

 - Can be used as a body mist, very good for the skin

- A proven way to relieve anxiety and depression, (see the article on our site called The Mystery of Oman Frankincense)

- Just because you need a hit of Frankincense in a no-smoking area

- To purify the atmosphere quickly and cleanly

- Try it when you wake up in the morning to clear your head and moisturize your skin

This price is for 2 oz. and comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle with an atomizer top.

Remember to Shake before using to receive the full fragrance of the mist!

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