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"Cool and Clear" - Refreshing Mermade Mist


A summer tradition!

We live in the desert and would be lost without this Mist on hot days, it is just that what it says "cool and "clear".

 Instant refreshment made with Oman Frankincense, White Sage, and Spearmint essential oils are blended in pure spring water to create this refreshing mist. 

There is just something special about this combination, guaranteed to make you feel renewed. It is a mist to purify and relieve the stress of the day. 

It is great for the skin and can be used on the face and body to cleanse and moisturize. It has natural healing and antibacterial properties, containing traditional botanicals of purification. 

 - White Sage is known as the “Giver of Breath” It aids the respiratory system and clears one's energy in an amazing way.

 - Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) from Oman to relieve stress and anxiety, a sacred and uplifting scent

 - Spearmint - A lovely essential oil from South Africa, fresh and delightful.

      The clean scent is simply transporting...

Ways to use Cool and Clear Mist:

 - Just shake the bottle and spray 3 or 4 times around the head and heart and be enveloped in healing scent. 

 - Can be used as a facial mist, very good for the skin

- A proven way to relieve anxiety and depression, (see the article on our site called The Mystery of Oman Frankincense

- Just because you need a hit of Frankincense in a no-smoking area

- To purify the atmosphere quickly and cleanly

- Try it when you wake up in the morning to clear your head and moisturize your skin

This price is for 2 oz. and comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle with an atomizer top.

Remember to Shake before using to receive the full fragrance of the mist!


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