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Winter Wreath - Evergreen blend

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This is the perfect blend for the Winter holidays.  All the fresh crisp scents of an evergreen wreath - Aleppo Pine, luscious Fir Balsam resin and Fir needles, Juniper, and Red Cedar oil. This jammy forest blend is the essence of the Yuletide and is warm with sweet resins.  Highly recommended!


Lots of raw Fir Balsam resin (From Be’s forest)

Fir needles

Aleppo Pine

Copal Blanco

Oman Frankincense Sacra

Kua Myrrh

Arbor Vitae - Thuja cedar

Red cedar

Sweet Pinon Pine

Use this on the heater to give your home that real Yule tree scent...

This price is for 1 oz in a green jar with an amber jewel on top

Here is a great article from a highly recommended book on the incense of "Smudging Nights" - 

“Pagan Christmas “ by Christian Ratch and Claudia Muller - Ebeling

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Only 2 left!