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WildWood - Forest Amber Incense



A walk in an enchanted evergreen forest.

An all-time favorite Mermade with more Golden Fir Balsam Resin.

Wild Woods and EverGreens - A warm sweet green incense blend created to celebrate the Ancient Forest. The best of the woody, balsamic and green scents.  It has a base of sacred incense resins with notes of  Fir, Spruce, and Cedar. Fresh and invigorating and filled with the scents of the wilderness, of tree resins and growing things. All the tree materials were wildcrafted by friends from far away forests! 

Green Amber Goodness! 

Burn this incense to let the forest in...

Fabulous on the Golden Lotus Heater or can be burned on charcoal. 

1 oz  in a green airtight jar


Hougary Green and Black Frankincense, Labdanum, Juniper,  Kua Myrrh, Copal Blanco blended with Cedar tips (wild crafted),  Fir Balsam tips, Resin and Absolute, Western Cedar oil. 

 Scent Profile - Clean and uplifting, cooling,  evergreen, woody, Jammy balsamic/amber forest notes




From Mike at ORS

Wild Wood, on the other hand, is another in the long lineage of Mermade’s forest blends. It’s probably no secret by now that I’m a huge fan of Katlyn’s work in this area, she knows how to craft them in a way where the aroma always tends to be perfectly green, just like you’d smell if you were walking in a forest. This art of using evergreen ingredients and using resins to intensify the scent always makes these a rare treat, and an incense style that might even crossover to friends that can’t abide by strong Indian incenses or heavy woods. Wild Wood is something of an evergreen mix with amber floating in the background, but like all of Mermade’s forest incenses, the green is still up to 11 on this one, with lots of fruity citrus from the combination of two frankincenses, the copal blanco and the pinon resin. The amber subscent acts to give what could be similar to a lot of resin blends a nice richness, and I’m assuming some of this comes from the two balsams in play. Naturally, this also comes highly recommended and if you have never tried one of Mermade’s wild nature blends, there’s no better place to start.


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