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Vesna - Ukrainian Goddess of Spring


A beautiful incense, created with prayers for Ukraine...


Contains: Sultan’s grade green Frankincense, Chios Mastic, Linden flowers, Tamil Sandalwood, Mint, Jasmine/Linden Abs.


This blend contains some of our very finest ingredients, which combine to give grace and harmony befitting a Goddess of Spring.

The base is Tamil Heartwood Sandalwood, Sultan Grade Green Frankincense  and Chios Mastic, 

To this was added Linden Flowers and Linden essence (one of my favorite scents) and a hint of mint and Jasmine,  


This blend was created with prayers for Ukraine, and all profits from its sales will go to help the Ukrainian people. We would like to recommend doing a meditation for peace each time you place a bit of the fragrant spring blend on the heater.



The Linden is a tree of power, Sacred among the Slavic peoples, a green arched temple of sweet blossoms aswarm with bees.


In Slavic mythology the belief is held that the Linden tree is sacred and in many Eastern European countries it is upheld as ‘Holy’, as a result many villages and towns are named after the Linden. In Slovenia the tradition of Linden trees representing places where common decision making or matters of importance are discussed holds with many towns and villages having a Linden tree growing in its center.



Vesna -  Ukrainian Goddess of Spring

Vesna is the Slavic Goddess of Spring.  She was celebrated over much of northern Europe, especially in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Croatia, and Serbia.  Her appearance brings about springtime.  She is the green of the fields and meadows, beautiful weather and an easier life.  One has survived the winter, so She is also a goddess of Victory as we come into the Sun.  She is seen as a beautiful young girl, barefoot with long flowing hair, large breasts symbolizing fertility, and rosy cheeks.  She wears flowers in Her hair with clothes made of nature.  She is often holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and some fruit and a bird (often Swallow) on Her finger in the other.  We call to Her to light our way, open our hearts, and help us to find balance, vitality and joy.  We pray to assist the people of the Ukraine to find peace and bring healing to the land. 


Vesna is the goddess of victory. She overcomes death and winter.



A lovely folk tale about Vesna and Morena




The image on the Vesna tin is a photo of works created by  Treti Pivni  celebrating the history of Ukrainian Floral Crowns.

A workshop in Ukraine has gained international attention for their beautiful, ornately decorated floral crowns. Inspired by the traditional wreaths worn by girls before marriage, Slavic workshop Treti Pivni (translated as Third Rooster) has re-imagined the traditional vinok (Floral Crowns)  for the present day, seen as a potent symbol of national pride following the country’s revolution and conflict.



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