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Tangerine Dream - Kyphi-style cakes

"Tangerine, tangerine

Living reflection from a dream…"

- Led Zeppelin


For a summer of love.


One whiff of Tangerine Essential oil and I knew this was the inspiration for my next blend.

With old song lyrics floating through my head and scents calling to become a part of the mix, it came together beautifully.


This blend has delicious citrus notes held in resins, precious woods,  florals, and spices. The round kyphi-style cakes are embossed with copper designs.  

Perfect for summer and creating a positive and prosperous atmosphere. 




Crimson Kua Myrrh

Sultan’s Green Frankincense

Mysore Sandalwood



Dragons blood resin

Calamus  Root


Oils blended with Anthropogen flowers (from Nepal):



Ruby Grapefruit

Blood Orange

Red Mandarin


Rose Anatolian

Ginger Lily

Honeysuckle Melange (White Lotus)


.75 oz (10 large cakes)  nested in Anthropogen flowers and Mandarin/Orange zest, comes in a golden tin


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