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Sweet Earth - Warm Resin Blend

Like the Earth awakening....

This is an incense perfect for Spring and Summer. The scent is rich, layered and balsamic with the warmth of sunlight.  Woody yet with sweet amber notes- Gentle and natural ...

 A wonderful way to enrich your day.

 This blend is the sweetness of earth, aromas of desert, hive, and forest with the warmth of Summer.

We recommend that you heat this on the Golden Lotus Electric incense heater. Put a teaspoon on in the morning and it will release a lovely scent almost all day!

A wonderful warm amber earth incense with  Sweet Grass, Kua Myrrh, Bee propolis, Black Frankincense Frankincense, Rhododendron leaves and flowers, Liquidambar Storax, other warm resins, and fragrant woods 

 1 oz. in an amber jar 



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